Saturday, July 02, 2005

Terraformer Taking Shape

After much work recoding the Windows front end into MFC, the new version of my Terraformer terrain editing tool (for game programming) is coming along nicely. With MFC I have now added a toolbar, a toolbox and two dialog bars contained within a rebar control. This makes most functionality now available in the window frame rather than having to go to the menu all the time. I have also added a perlin noise generator with realtime preview that you can then use as a brush to both textures and height onto your landscape in real-time.

Next step is to tidy the code up and make sure everything is encapsulated properly and then add a few last remaining features for this first version. I will probably revisit the rendering engine and try to add some performance improvements, as it is a little slow with large terrain at the moment, which is why the current demo version only allows a 2x2 tiles of size 32x32.

Anyway, if you would like to download the demo version, you can do so by clicking here. If you have any problems running the program, please let me know as I have not got a machine without a development environment to test the release version. I have also included a demo terrain that I put together in about 2 minutes which you can load from the file menu. I am sure you people out there can come up with much better terrains than the demo one. If you do, please send them to me... I would be really excited to see what other people can build with this tool.

Well, back to work. Enjoy the program!


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