Monday, September 04, 2006

Z800 Joystick Emulator Released

After what seems like an eternity waiting for Emagin to release a joystick driver or emulator for the Z800, I have decided to release my own joystick emulator.

This builds on the great work done by Deon van der Westhuysen in his PPJoy virtual joystick driver. PPJoy allows you to setup a virtual joystick and then write a piece of code to pass information to this virtual joystick. I have written an interface between the Z800 and the virtual joystick which passes the 6DOF tracker information from the Z800 to the virtual joystick as 3 seperate axis. I have tested this in the Flight Simulator X demo and it seems to work great. There is a little bit of drift, but I am pretty sure this is down to the headset rather than my code. This should work on any game that supports a joystick for 'look around' type control.

Anyway, enough talk. You can download the program from my website by clicking here, and there are some brief instructions on setup. If you find the program useful, or you have some questions or ideas then please drop me a line. This is a first release, I will be doing an update to add some options for reset hotkey and sample rate soon so stay tuned.