Wednesday, July 27, 2005

HMD Field of View Comparison

There has been some discussion and confusion over field of view sizes for the Z800 in comparison to other head mounted displays. The fact that the individual manufacturers quote in different sizes does not make this any easier. To help clarify, I have calculated the virtual screen sizes at the same distance based on the published field of view specificiations for the major models. My results are shown below.

Cy-Visor DH4400

31 degree FOV equivalent to 44" at 2m

i-Glasses 3D

26 degree FOV equivalent to 36.4" at 2m

Sony PLM-S700(E)

38 degree FOV equivalent to 54.2" at 2m

Emagin Z800

40 degree FOV equivalent to 57.3" at 2m

Hope this helps!


At 2:27 PM, Blogger stevegman said...

With FOV being so important, what is the issue with creating a HMD with full FOV? Even if the HMD would require 3 or 4 PC inputs to cover the resolution the result would be worth it. I think that is what will bring VR into the mainstream once and for all.

At 11:26 PM, Blogger Raeldor said...

Large FOV is everyone's dream, but it's easier said than done because I think the optics required to wrap an image around your peripheral vision while maintaining a good optical quality is very expensive. Compound that with the cost of the micro displays required to drive the resolution and you have something that only the military can currently afford.

That's why I think it's important to support existing consumer VR as much as possible. It's only by showing that VR has good marketplace potential in the games market that companies will be willing to spend R&D budget on more elaborate products for the future.

I think we are still a good 20 years away from seeing immersive VR in the mainstream console (or whatever incarnation consoles take in 20 years time) market. But every step counts. Who knows... in 50 years time those Emagin Z800's may be worth money to collectors! ;P

At 8:58 AM, Blogger stevegman said...

Well I recieved my 3D Visor on friday! I was very excited after waiting 2 months for it. At first I was very impressed... the tracking is excellent and the 3D effect is pretty cool. After a full weekend of use however I became completely unimpressed.

The 3D while neat to look at is also uncomfortable to look at - I couldnt play any game longer than 20 minutes before i started feeling sick from trying to focus. The optics as some have said I agree with... the screen looks great at the center but becomes fuzzy at the sides.

The tracking of the unit itself is remarkable but the games just arent meant to use it... To really move around properly I need to use the mouse at the same time and found myself barely looking around during any serious gameplay. This isn't the visor's fault, its just theres no native support for it in any games (obviously there wouldnt be).

All in all thats my review - I feel it technically delivers on what it said it would but when it comes time to play some games for real I can't imagine using it for any longer than 30 minutes and then spending the next 2 hours with my trusty 2D monitor.

At 3:51 PM, Blogger Raeldor said...

I hear what you are saying about playing games on your standard monitor. I tend to do the same. I really mostly use the Z800 for simulation (flight and driving) and playing FPS when I want to scare myself silly (F.E.A.R.).

I guess maybe the sickness is down to the individual. I can play for extended periods without getting the sickness effect you described. If you are playing in stereoscopic 3d you might want to take the distance between the two images down (ctrl+f3 & ctrl+f4 I think). This helps a lot.

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